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Watch 可不可以,你也剛好喜歡我

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Synopsis 可不可以,你也剛好喜歡我

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Tien Xiao-Xiang is a fan of author Si-Yi and Tarot cards. But deep down, she has another love, childhood sweetheart Li Zhu-Hao. Just when she sees the perfect opportunity to reveal her love to him from fortunetelling, Li Zhu-Hao confesses his feelings to her best friend Song Yi-Jing! But Song Yi-Jing has a condition for Li Zhu-Hao, that is to help three couples to date. They are: aloof and misandric art professor Stone and lovesick gym owner Liu Zhi-Liang; the most unpopular weirdo in school, Ah-Yu, and the subject of her nonstop public displays of love, campus hunk Danny Lo; mob boss lady Yu and philosophy student Ah-Shan. To make it happen for these three unlikely couples is almost like mission impossible.

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